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With Clean Energy, We Can Save Our Planet.

Power Wall

Energy storage for your home

Baran Powerwall combined with solar panel system, is your personal power plant. You generate your own clean energy right on top of your house. How cool is that ? 🙂

The system is designed to fit house, store, cafe or small offices that required energy from 1.300W to 10.000W. Then, in most cases, it will fit your house.

We call this package Baran Rooftop.

Financial package

But, they says solar panel and battery sysem are expensive. Well, look again. We at Baran-Energy also offer different financial scheme so everyone can have solar panel system in their house.


If you interested to purchase or simply want to know more about Baran Powerwall, please kindly fill in the form below and send it to marketing@baran-energy.com, our team of expert will be back to you real soon, and discuss the best solution for your need.