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Convert your car into an electric car

If we want to have an electric car, right now in Indonesia, your choice is limited and very expensive. The Tesla Model S in Jakarta can broke your bank for some IDR 4 billion.

But if you want to have one ….Then we can help you 🙂

For you who likes fast car

Electric car is not only environment-friendly, cheap to run and more efficient, they can be made fast, so fast if you want to. We can build one for you some 400 horse power something streetcar for a fraction of cost you needed to build similar car powered with gasoline engine.

You don’t need spend on complicated V8 engine, turbo, custom transmission, exhaust or ECU mapping anymore. Just put the right motor, and you’re good to race :

For you business owner

The cost of running an electric car is proven to be lower compare to diesel or gasoline car. Electric car also need less maintenance. With regenerative braking, your brake pad will last longer. It also don’t need air filter replacement, oil changing, and so on, and so on. If you worry about how long it can travel in a single charge, don’t worry, modern electric car can run up to 600km in a single charge. Just talk to us your requirement, lets try the best solution for your business.

For business owner, some of the possible usage can be vary, from last mile delivery, shuttle bus, truck between two same point everyday, and many other thing.



Just bring your car, and we convert it according to your specification and desire. Want something crazy fast 460Hp Beemer, you got it. Or a small 4×4 electric Jeep, no worries. Or, you are a kind of visioner business owner who wants your company clean and saving transportation cost, we’ve got your back.

The e-kujira Project
The e-kujira is our proof of concept vehicle. The base is classic Toyota Crown coupe 72′, fitted with legendary Tesla Model S motor that capable to give up to 470Hp power to the rear wheel.

To match the new powertrain, the e-kujira also given some styling retouch. From the front grill, rear combination lamp and 70’s inspired digital dashboard for the interior.

Kujira Conversion – Toyota Crown Coupe 72’

    • Power : 416Hp (310Kw)
    • Torque : 610Nm
    • Powertrain : AC Induction motor
    • Transmission gearbox for each motor : Single speed reduction
    • System : Motorsport class safety system (Shutdown system, inertia sensor etc)
    • Battery pack : 30 kWh lithium ion
    • Distance on single charge : up to 200 km

If you interested to convert you vehicle, simply contact us. Just tell us the car you want to convert, your name, and your request. Our team of electric monkey will be happy to assist your journey into the electric mobility.